Enterprise Cloud

Enabling enhanced business agility

The VESK for Legal cloud services deliver all the components necessary to deploy, configure, run, manage and access your preferred application and management software on a subscription basis. This comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS), designed for the needs of a law firm or legal department, includes:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Mobile Management as a Service (MMaas)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – (DRaaS)

Our solutions enable legal IT departments to concentrate on adding business value, shifting their focus away from infrastructure orientated operational activities aimed at just ‘keeping the lights on’. By choosing VESK for Legal our clients are able to exploit a cloud desktop and IT infrastructure built specifically for law firms accessible from any location using any type of device.

Read enough? Try it for free and see our hosted legal virtual desktops in action.

As law firms become increasingly complex, mobile and in many cases international, desktop virtualisation is becoming a key enabler for many firms. Instead of the files and software that make up your lawyers and staff desktop environments being stored and managed locally on expensive hardware, they are hosted in the cloud, and accessed remotely. This means that users can access their normal, familiar desktop from any location, using anything from a laptop to a smartphone. It also means that your firm can manage the environment centrally, instead of worrying about updates and security fixes on each individual machine. Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will allow you to reduce your IT costs and respond to a fast-changing business climate with greater agility.

The VESK Desktop service provides:

  • Windows desktops
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet Explorer
  • All required application clients
  • Profile management
  • Mobile, sync and share, and ‘disconnected’ access
  • Desktop security
  • Disaster Recovery

The VESK for Legal desktop reduces the internal IT department’s workload by removing the need to support and manage the end user desktop environment and device.

By providing these features as standard, the VESK for Legal desktop ensures that your lawyers are always productive while your IT department can focus on designing and delivering new functionality aimed at enhancing business processes and working practices.

The VESK for Legal Remote Access service allows subscribers to make existing IT systems available anywhere by providing access to their desktop over any network connection using any device (PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android device, thin client and practically any smart phone). Once a device is connected, subscribers can access all of their data, applications and emails from the VESK desktop, even if the particular device they are working from does not support their applications natively.

Making your desktop mobile will improve the speed and efficiency with which you can action, approve and deliver work for your clients.