Matter Center Integration

Microsoft Matter Center logo

Matter Center is a productivity solution designed to help lawyers manage their matters. Developed by Microsoft’s in-house legal department and a number of private practice firms, it uses Microsoft Office products to provide a document management and collaboration solution, configured to support the day to day workings of a lawyer.

Microsoft intends to offer the solution as a hosted cloud service based around MS Office 2013 and MS Office 365. If these products are not already in use, Matter Center can still be implemented, although consideration would need to be given as to how it interacts with current infrastructure, in particular identity management and data synchronisation.

VESK for Legal, in conjunction with Microsoft, have developed a toolkit for law firms to implement Matter Center. This service will:

  • provide an environment which will assist with evaluating the solution;
  • identify how Matter Center can be introduced into your firm – replacing or complimenting existing services;
  • provide practical guidance on how to deploy the solution, including any changes to working practices that will occur.

VESK for Legal assists with making informed decisions about the implementation of Matter Center, and supports clients throughout the deployment.

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