VESK for Legal selects to bring cloud and mobility to law firms, a mobile enablement platform that lets businesses access ‘behind-the-firewall’ information securely from their mobile devices, has been selected by VESK for Legal, to bring cloud and mobile solutions to law firms.

“Many law firms still run most of their own infrastructure, which results in higher costs,” said Charles Paumelle, Managing Director International at “It’s also proving more difficult to allow their counsel to access their work content easily and securely., which often results in usage of stand-alone collaboration tools or recourse to consumer-grade sync and share that can compromise productivity and security”.

VESK for Legal brings secure cloud versions of popular content management systems such as HP WorkSite with best-of-breed Virtual desktops and Enterprise File Sync and Share mobile solutions such as Citrix ShareFile.’s digital engagement platform will complement that offering by allowing direct connection and rules-based synchronisation to the lawyers’ end-devices in complete security. It also frees up the time it would typically take to maintain costly hardware and instead allows law firms’ IT departments to better use that time gained by introducing innovative solutions to their colleagues.

International law firm, Olswang LLP are the first to trial and pilot the solution. Stuart Walters, CIO at Olswang said: “Most law firms, are using decade-old paradigms in the way they run their IT. We are embracing cloud and mobile to improve our operational efficiency as well as demonstrate to our clients, many of whom are multi-national technology firms that through the adoption of secure cloud technologies we can leverage innovation to improve collaboration throughout the engagements. and VESK for Legal provide a bridge between our legacy and the digital world”.

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