World-class specialist cloud solution for law firms built in and delivered from Singapore

At VESK for Legal we are committed to supporting innovation and bridging the gap between the expectations of lawyers and the reality of the technology solutions available to them. We are a leading provider of solutions that enable law firms to address these challenges head on. At the core of our offering is the VESK ‘Virtual Desktop Infrastructure’ (VDI), whereby the law firm’s desktop is hosted and managed in the secure VESK cloud, allowing lawyers and support staff to access the applications and files they need in the office, from their home or whilst they are on the move. Being device agnostic, the solution allows you to access the solution from a PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android device, thin client and practically any smart phone, even if the particular device you are working from does not support your applications natively

Enabling enhanced business agility

Hosted desktop and infrastructure

VESK is a leading specialist provider of cloud hosted desktops and has maintained a 100% uptime for 2012, 2013, 2014 and all of 2015 to date. VESK is part of the Nasstar group of companies that now deliver hosted desktop services to approximately 50 legal firms with approximately 3,200 legal professional end users.  We own our own infrastructure which is built solely for hosted desktops and servers. From our highly resilient and secure datacentres we offer a full IT platform on which to run and access all of the line of business, collaborative and productivity applications used by our customers. Working closely with our existing law firm technology partners, we regularly provision the leading practice management, case management, document management, collaboration and digital dictation systems for our law firm clients.

Fully resilient and hosted from Singapore

VESK offer a full 99.9% SLA, is fully SRA compliant, incorporate full backup and disaster recovery as an integral part of our solution and are ISO27001 and ISO9001 compliant. VESK has real-time bit level replication between datacentres. What makes VESK’s disaster recovery ‘special’ is that we snapshot our entire infrastructure every hour, 24 hours per day. This means we can roll back to any “hourly” point in time for all of your data, emails, applications and user profiles.

Along-side our UK and US based infrastructure VESK has replicated our VDI solution in Singapore and are able to provide their full set of services to firms locally in the region.

VESK – Business Benefits

VESK for Legal offer significant and in some instances transformational benefits to law firms. The traditional in-sourced model of delivering legal IT, with the majority of effort, investment and resources focused on keeping the lights on, is not well aligned to the needs of the modern law firm. We provide a utility view of IT, commoditising the delivery of technology into a service.

More information

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