The challenge of the mobile lawyer.

A significant challenge facing law firms today is how to satisfy the demand for simplicity and ease of use of the applications required every day, while still meeting the increasing security, data integrity and process requirements of the enterprise.

Partners, lawyers and support staff are accustomed to the ease with which they can access personal information and functionality on their favourite devices (tablet, smart phone, smart watch etc.), but are frustrated by the difficulty of doing the same when it comes to the services they need to do their jobs. “I can book a taxi, video call my kids and read all the latest world news on my iPad, but I have no chance of even accessing the latest version of my client’s legal contract” is an increasing frustration and source of bemusement.

This issue is accentuated by the increasingly mobile nature of today’s lawyers; an estimated 80% of lawyers access data from different offices or on the move. Increasing the mobility of lawyers and support staff allows them to be more productive by adapting their working patterns to better suit the demands of their ‘on the move’ lifestyle.

Offering solutions to meet today’s business needs.

Banning the use of personal mobile devices or applications such as Dropbox, OneDrive and other equivalents because of security concerns, without providing a sensible alternative, is not a sustainable way forward for a law firm’s IT department. Furthermore, unless they are proactive in providing solutions that embrace the consumerisation of IT, firms are in danger of losing control over the devices lawyers carry with them as the phenomenon of bring your own device (BYOD) takes hold, blurring distinctions between work and personal mobility.

At VESK for Legal we are committed to supporting innovation and bridging the gap between the expectations of lawyers and the reality of the technology solutions available to them. We are a leading provider of solutions that enable law firms to address these challenges head on. At the core of our offering is the VESK ‘Virtual Desktop Infrastructure’ (VDI), whereby the law firm’s desktop is hosted and managed in the secure VESK cloud, allowing lawyers and support staff to access the applications and files they need in the office, from their home or while they are on the move. Being device agnostic, the solution allows you to access the solution from a PC, laptop, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android device, thin client and practically any smart phone, even if the particular device you are working from does not support your applications natively.

Providing true mobility.

VESK for Legal’s partner,, provides a solution that allows you to access the documents used in the office when you’re out and about on whatever device you want, even when not connected to a network. Using a ‘one-click’ download, allows users to copy all the files from their office document management system (DMS) that they have accessed in the last 30 days into secure storage solutions such as Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business or Citrix ShareFile. The access rights associated with the documents are maintained, so you can only see and work on the documents you should. When you’re finished, simply press a button to create an email containing the documents you have changed, thereby allowing you to check the files back into your firm’s DMS, or delegate the task. connects to over 20 industry-leading enterprise content management (ECM) and information storage solutions. These include HP WorkSite, OpenText, EMC Documentum, SharePoint, DropBox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Salesforce, FTP and Windows shared drives.

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