Dispelling Myths

We believe that a lack of clarity about the key capabilities of cloud based IT offerings has been a major reason for their limited strategic adoption within the legal sector.  It is now clear that there are no structural barriers to the successful adoption of cloud, only questions of implementation.

Common Questions

How can I ensure security, regulation and data protection if I use the cloud?

Risk to the security of information has traditionally been seen as a barrier to the adoption of cloud services. However, in reality many providers provide world-class levels of security and compliance, often far in advance of those that can be achieved by the majority of law firm IT departments. At VESK for Legal our platform provides ISO27001:2005 compliance, extremely high degrees of physical, network, systems and cyber security and state-of-the-art back up and disaster recovery solutions.

As highlighted by the SRA data protection is the principle legislative concern for the majority of law firms, particularly where it relates to the location of data.

Many key decision-makers in legal IT still believe that cloud providers may not be able to guarantee the storage of data in suitable locations under principle 8 of the Data Protection Act i.e. that businesses are prevented from transferring personal data outside of the European area unless the destination country and the circumstances of the transfer provide an adequate level of protection for the data. While it is true that some public could services e.g. Office 365, do not allow clients to specify the country of location for primary or back-up data-centres, this is absolutely not we case witrh all cloud providers. At VESK for Legal we are fully aware of the regulatory issues facing law firms, and our services reflect this. Our primary data-centres are in the UK and we guarantee that our clients data does not leave these locations (if required and appropriate we also provision services from our US and Asia data-centres).

All of issues raised by the SRA, the Legal Services Act and the Data Protection Act are important considerations. We believe that VESK for Legal are in a superior position to protect your firm in this respect than any in-house legal IT function.

For more detail see our security page

If I use VESK for Legal, how can I achieve the application integration and configuration I need?

It is often argued that cloud solutions are unable to offer either the required choice of legal applications, or provide the necessary level of application integration and/or configuration required by a law firm. The reality is very different. At VESK for Legal we enable the implementation and configuration of any application required by out clients. This includes the full array of applications used within the legal sector including solutions that require full support for high quality video. We absolutely do not constrain your choice of software or the way that you use it. In fact because cloud removes the burden of core infrastructure support, it releases more resource to configure, develop and integrate new solutions which could actually differentiate a firm.

Will I put my firm at commercial risk by trusting a cloud supplier?

The failure of a key supplier is not just a risk in relation to cloud computing suppliers but is a relevant concern for any part of a legal business. As such the best practice is always to undertake the appropriate levels of due diligence and select the right supplier.

As highlighted by the SRA, firms should construct robust commercial relationships and agreements covering service level guarantees and contingency agreements in the event of failure with the correct suppliers to minimise commercial risk. At VESK for Legal we fully support this and work closely with our clients to ensure full risk mitigation. This includes utilising different data-centre providers, holding client data in Escrow and support client site data backup.

We believe that we provide leadership in the cloud computing market while demonstrating a full and in-depth understanding of the legal sector. The legal sector is now facing up to the commercial realities already experienced by most other businesses and as such we believe the time is right to embrace cloud based services.

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