Lauriston Saggar Choose VESK Hosted Virtual Desktops

Lauriston Saggar are a forward thinking, innovative law firm specialising in the provision of property and private client legal services.

Lauriston Saggar chose Virtual Desktops rather than on-premise IT for the following reasons:

  • All data safely and securely stored in the cloud
  • No need to constantly update their IT infrastructure
  • Cost effective and the ability to budget their monthly IT expenditure
  • The flexibility to work anywhere, anytime and on any device

After a successful trial of a VESK live demo, Lauriston Saggar decided to move forward with VESK Virtual Desktops, and their migration was planned to the minutest detail by one of VESK’s experienced project managers.

Minimal downtime was imperative during the implementation of VESK, therefore the migration was completed by VESK’s technical team over the weekend for them to go live on a Monday morning. User data, emails and applications were migrated from Lauriston Saggar’s local IT infrastructure to the VESK Cloud. This resulted in absolutely zero downtime during working hours.

VESK’s fastest growing vertical is the legal sector, supporting many applications including Meridian, Solpak and Laser Forms, both of which Lauriston Saggar use

VESK were the first virtual desktop provider to implement and host the Meridian application successfully in a virtual environment. “With our specialist application migration team and virtualisation technology we can install any application.” James Hughes, Executive Project Manager, VESK.

Lauriston Saggar required the applications below which are all part of the Standard VESK package. Software Assurance ensures Lauriston Saggar receive all future software updates of the latest versions when they are released:

  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Adobe Reader and Converter
  • Trend Micro anti-virus and anti-spam
  • Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Any Device
Lauriston Saggar staff are generally PC based users in the office but also regularly use iPads and iPhones when in meetings, on the move and at home. Mobile access is becoming an increasingly popular way of working; improving productivity amongst employees. Lauriston Saggar have embraced mobile working, as they are able to access their VESK by logging on to their iPad or iPhone anywhere in the world.

Lauriston Saggar on VESK

“One of the biggest benefits of VESK is that our staff can check emails 24/7 enabling them to effectively work from home which is not only beneficial for them but also for our Clients. Whenever we require the assistance of VESK technical support they are easy to get in touch with and resolve any issues that we may have straight away.”
Stewart Stocker, Partner, Lauriston Saggar.

“Lauriston Saggar instantly saw the benefits of hosted virtual desktops and made the right decision opting for VESK over on-premise IT. The staff at Lauriston Saggar benefit from the help provided by the VESK IT team to resolve any issues that may arise, including any application support.”
James Mackie, Managing Director, VESK.